Welcome to the Mobridge Area!

Our town and its surrounding communities are great places to live, ideal for business, and offer fantastic vacation possibilities.

Looking to stay? The Mobridge area is a great place to live and raise a family. There are many jobs in the area (check some of them out in our Jobs tab), a great school system from pre-K to college, a local hospital that offers excellent, affordable, and convenient care, a vibrant business community, wonderful parks and trails, and lots of opportunities for civic engagement. Visit our Business Directory tab for realtors in the area and our City tab for more on living in Mobridge.

Looking to grow? Your business is welcome in the Mobridge area. South Dakota offers many great advantages for businesses, including no state income tax and a history of business-friendly state legislation. Mobridge has an active Chamber of Commerce to keep you thriving once you are established. Located on Hwy 12, with direct access to Lake Oahe and plans to develop our riverfront in the next few years, we urge you to check us out! Visit our Economic Development tab and contact our local development corporation, MEDCO, for the latest news on how we can help make your business dreams come true.

Looking to visit? On the scenic banks of the Missouri River, our townspeople are pros at fishing, boating and watersports. Like much of our beautiful state, hunting opportunities are bountiful. We also have a rich cultural history. If you love retracing the footsteps of Lewis and Clark or learning about Native American history and figures like Sitting Bull and Sakakawea, we have a lot to offer you. Shop our vibrant Main Street for all kinds of unique treasures. Our staff is here to help you schedule tours, excursions, and a stay catered specifically to your interests. Call our office at 888-614-3474 today for a free Visitor's Kit or download our Visitor's Guide and Suggested 5-Day Itinerary here.

Come to stay! Come to play! A playground, an adventure, a sportsman's paradise. With so much to see and do, it's no wonder Mobridge is the destination of choice for so many families, businesses and travelers!

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